Journal of Acuherb in Medicine

Cool, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior

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 There are 12 Cool, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior 


 Bo He 
Field Mint, Mentha
Chai Hu 
Thorowax Root , Bupleurum
Chan Tui 
Circada Moulting
Dan Dou Chi 
Prepared Soybean
 Fu Ping 
Duckweed or Spirodela
 Ge Gen 
Pueraria, Kudzu Root
Ju Hua 
Chrysanthemum Flower
 Man Jing Zi 
Vitex Fruit
 Mu Zei 
Shave Grass, Scouring Rush
Niu Bang Zi 
Great Burdock Fruit
Sang Ye 
White Mulberry Leaf
Sheng Ma 
Black Cohosh Rhizome, Bugbane Rhizome

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