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San Jiao

  Triple burner: Fire-energy yang organ This organ-energy system, which is not recognized in Western physiology, is called the ‘Minister of Dykes and Dredges’ and is responsible for the movement and transformation of various solids and fluids throughout the system, as well as for the production and circulation of nourishing energy (ying chee) and protective […]

Shen 神

Shen 神 Shen can be translated as “Spirit” or “Mind”, and implies our consciousness, mental functions, mental health, vitality, and our “presence”. Shen lives in the Heart, where it retires to sleep during the night. If the Shen is disturbed, there may be insomnia. Shen is specifically said to live in the Blood Vessels (part of […]

The Six extraordinary Organs

The Six extraordinary Organs Marrow Brain Bone Uterus Vessels Gallbladder Marrow Marrow is controlled and produced by the Kidneys, and equivalent to the brain and spinal cord. Marrow includes Brain marrow, Spinal marrow, and Bone marrow Marrow nourishes the Brain and Spinal Cord through the Jing Nei Jing “If the Sea of Marrow is abundant, […]

The Internal Organ Relationships

The Internal Organ Relationships Heart and Lungs Heart and Liver Heart and Kidneys Liver and Lungs Liver and Spleen Liver and Kidneys Spleen and Lungs Spleen and Kidneys Lungs and Kidneys Spleen and Heart Heart and Lungs Heart governs Blood, Lungs govern Qi: relationship is that of Qi and Blood. Qi and Blood are interdependent. […]

The Gallbladder

Functions of the Gall Bladder  The Gall Bladder is unusual among Yang Organs, because it does not receive, transform or transport digestate and waste products, but it stores bile. Bile is a pure (refined) substance, unlike the digestate and its products, which are impure substances.  Hence, since the Gall Bladder stores a pure substance, it […]

The Urinary Bladder

Functions of the Urinary Bladder  “Bladder is like a district official; it stores the fluids so that they can be excreted by its action of Qi transformation.”  Bladder has wider sphere of activity than in Western medicine. Stores/excretes urine but also has role in transformation of fluids necessary for the production of urine.  Bladder Removes […]

The Small Intestine

Functions of the Small Intestine    The Small Intestine Controls Receiving and Transforming Small Intestine receives food and fluids from the Stomach, after the Stomach has “rotted and ripened” and after the Spleen has extracted the food essences. It communicates with the Bladder, which excretes the impure fluids, and with the Large Intestine, which excretes […]

The Stomach

Functions of the Stomach  Controls Rotting and Ripening of Food Stomach transforms the food and drink we ingest. “Rotting and ripening” is the process of fermentation which prepares the way for the Spleen to extract the refined essence from food. After the refined part of the food and fluids has been extracted by the Spleen, […]

The Large Intestine

Functions of the Large Intestine  The Large Intestines main function is to receive food and fluids from the Small Intestine, re-absorb some of the fluids then excrete the remainder as feces.  Many functions attributed to the Small Intestine in Western bio-medicine are attributed to the Spleen in Chinese medicine.  The Spleen controls the transformation/transportation of […]

The Liver

Functions of the Liver  Liver Ensures Smooth Flow of Qi Stores the Blood Controls The Sinews Manifests in the Nails Opens into the Eyes Houses the Hun (Ethereal Soul) Liver Ensures Smooth Flow of Qi  It is extremely common to find Stagnation of Liver Qi in clinic. Liver ensures smooth flow of Qi throughout all […]

The Pericardium

Functions of the Pericardium The Heart Protector or Heart Governor It is the outer membrane around the heart that protects it from attacks by exogenous pathogenic factors. The pericardium is capable of being attacked by exogenous Heat, but the Heart is not (directly). In TCM theory and herbology, this is the only way the Pericardium […]

The Kidneys

Functions of the Kidneys  Store the Jing and rule birth, growth, development, reproduction, and sexuality Produce Marrow, fills up the Brain, and rule the Bones Rule Water and Water Metabolism Control inspiration and the grasping of Qi Open into the Ears Manifest in the head hair Control the two lower orifices Residence of the Zhi […]

The Heart

By Kenneth Wang Functions of the Heart Governs the Blood Controls the Blood Vessels Manifests in the Complexion Stores the Shen (Houses the Mind) Opens to the tongue Controls Sweat   Governs the Blood Transformation of Gu Qi (Food Qi) into Blood occurs in Heart Responsible for smooth flowing of Blood Heart must be healthy […]

The Spleen

By Kenneth Wang Functions of the Spleen    The Spleen is central Organ in production of Qi. Called the “Foundation of Postnatal existence”. Extracts Food Qi (Gu Qi) from food and liquids taken into Stomach. Food Qi is basis for formation of Qi and Blood. Governs transformation and transportation Controls the Blood Controls the muscles […]

The Lungs

By Dr. Kenneth Wang Functions of the Lungs The Lungs are called the “Lid of the Yin Organs” Rule Qi and Respiration Control the Channels and Blood Vessels (with the Heart) Control dispersing and descending Regulate and move the Water Passages Control skin, sweat glands and body hair (the “Exterior”) Open into the nose House […]

Zang Fu

By Dr. Kenneth Wang Zang Fu (Internal Organs)   Zang Organs (Yin)   Lungs Spleen Heart Kidneys Pericardium Liver Fu Organs (Yang)   Large Intestine Stomach Small Intestine Urinary Bladder San Jiao Gall Bladder The Internal Organ Relationships Heart and Lungs Heart and Liver Heart and Kidneys Liver and Lungs Liver and Spleen   Liver […]

The Relationship of Blood and Qi

By Dr. Kenneth Wang Blood and Qi have a very close relationship. Blood is said to be is a denser form of Qi, and more Yin in nature. Qi and Blood are inseparable, and the Ying form of Qi actually circulates with the Blood in the Vessels. While Blood engenders Qi, Qi is said to […]

Movement of Qi

By Dr. Kenneth Wang The harmonious functions of the organs and various types of Qi rely partly on correct direction of Qi movement. Qi has to flow in the right direction: exiting-entering and ascending-descending. Lungs Control respiration: inhale clear air Qi & exhale impure Qi. Control the descending of Qi: send Qi downward to Kidneys & […]

Forms of Qi

Forms of Qi     Yuan Qi (Original Qi, Ancestral Qi) Gu Qi (Food or Nourishment Qi) Zong Qi (Gathering Qi, Qi of the Chest) Zhen Qi (True Qi) Zhong Qi (Central Qi) Zheng Qi (Upright Qi) Yuan Qi Yuan Qi is said to be Essence that has been transformed into Qi, or Jing in motion. Yuan Qi has it’s root […]

Qi (Vital Energy or Life Force)

It has been translated as “vital energy”, “life force”, or “Breath” but no single English word will suffice. This is because of the nature of Qi. It can have different manifestations in different situations. Qi can even be material and is said to “condense” into matter. This is what occurs according to TCM, when a […]

Body Fluids (Yin Ye)

The word “Yin” means anything liquid or fluid. The word “Ye” means fluids of living organisms. Jin Ye = organic fluids Jin These fluids are clear, light, thin and watery, and circulate in the exterior of the body (skin and muscles) with the Wei Qi. Under control of the Lungs, which disseminate them to the […]