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Top 9 Acupressure Points to Treat Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Acupressure and reflexology are alternative medicine techniques that are based on the theory of holistic self-healing using solely physical pressure. The pressure applied at specific points helps in increasing the flow of life energy through the meridians and clears the blockages. The history of acupressure is centuries old and has been used effectively for treating various ailments […]

Hormonal causes of irregular periods

      Our periods are orchestrated by natural, interdependent hormonal shifts, so it’s no wonder that often the first sign of hormonal imbalance is a change in the rhythm, timing or heaviness of our periods.       Irregular menstrual bleeding comes in many forms, and varies from woman to woman. You may experience […]

Movements, Massage, and Pressure Points for Beautiful, Happy Breasts

Though it is often thought of as a women’s disease, men are also diagnosed with and die from breast cancer.  Fortunately, breast cancer death rates have been falling since the late 1980s, especially among women under the age of 40. This drop may be due to early detection, better treatments, and greater regard for factors […]

The Benefits of Therapeutic Breast Massage

Breast health is too often ignored until after a problem arises. It’s an area of the body with powerful associations that sometimes makes women hesitant to seek care, despite the fact that the vast majority of them experience breast discomfort at some point. Whether it’s breast congestion, abnormalities such as lumps or cysts, diagnostic tests, […]

The Flower Blooms: 7 Practices for Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health

         When it comes to women’s sexual and reproductive health, attitudes matter. Our culture shapes the way we feel about our bodies and more deeply, how our bodies respond.         “Safe sex” in classical Chinese thought is sex that does not drain the body of needed energy and vitality, […]