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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Miscellaneous Disease Causes in TCM

By Dr. Kenneth Wang Other Causes of Illness Weak Constitution Over Exertion Excessive Sexual Activity Diet and Nutrition Physical Trauma Parasites and Poisons Incorrect Treatment Weak Constitution Constitution depends on: Parents’ health in general, especially at conception Mother’s health in pregnancy Adverse Factors: Conception in state of drunkenness Mother conceiving when too old Consuming alcohol […]

The Seven Emotions

By Dr. Kenneth Wang The Seven Emotions Emotional related diseases factors, which effect the organ associated with the emotion as well as organs that have a Five Element relationship with that elements emotion. The Seven Emotions are: Anger     Fear Fright Grief Joy Worry and Pensiveness Joy (Over-excitement, Manic) - Heart and Fire Element In TCM joy […]

Six Evils

By Dr. Wang The Six Evils or Six Pernicious Influences The evils are external in origin, but can penetrate deeply into the body. The Six Evils are: Wind Cold Damp Heat Summer Heat Dryness Wind (Associated with Liver, Wood, Spring, Yang evil) Wind is involved with movement and activity, and brings other evil Qi in […]

Etiological or Causal Factors in TCM

By Dr. Kenneth Wang TCM holds that there are both opposite and unitary relationships between the organs and the tissues, and between the human body and the natural environment. These things maintain a relative dynamic balance through a process in which contradiction alternately appears and disappears. When this dynamic balance is broken for whatever reason […]