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Hyperthyroidism Workup

Approach Considerations The most reliable screening measure of thyroid function is TSH level. TSH levels usually are suppressed to immeasurable levels (< 0.05  IU/mL) in thyrotoxicosis. Third-generation TSH assays are recommended for screening purposes. The most specific autoantibody test for autoimmune thyroiditis is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test for anti-TPO antibody. Hyperthyroidism in older […]

Thyroid Treatment With TCM and Acupuncture

    The health of your thyroid gland truly makes or breaks your daily energy level, the ability to sustain a healthy weight for your frame, overall metabolic function, and can even affect your emotional life (if thyroid function is low, depression can result; if thyroid function is high, anxiety can result). Your thyroid is […]