I cannot speak too highly of Wang medical professionalism and innovative medical practice. Modern acupuncture as it is practiced by Dr. Wang has the highest standards of diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of the results.
R.G. – Dalla TX.

My Spinal Osteoarthritis has been helped considerably since acupuncture treatments. My hip pain has gone from 10 to 2 on a 1 to 10 scale. Someday I will be completely pain free. I should have started acupuncture treatments sooner.

G,D.F. – Houston TX

Dear Mr. Lu; Please allow me to offer this testimonial. 

I came to you with multiple pain symptoms in the back and shoulder.  My Chiropractor and internal medicine doctor were unable to address these issues. 

You were able to peel away the onion of symptoms and address each one sequentially.    The others were unable to see the big picture.    Your use of acupuncture and physical therapy to relieve my muscular and skeletal symptoms were very effective.

More importantly, I learned the origin of the symptoms and developed a physical fitness regime that will insure they do not return.

Clearly you have a very unique approach and are gifted with your talent.

Please accept my thanks and my best regards for the continued growth of your practice.

By Bill Turner  Houston TX