I came to the Acupuncture Clinic after exhausting all other methods of medications and physical therapy for a closed head injury and dislocated jaw. After major surgery on my TMJ joint and jaw, I lived two years without being able to open my mouth…
FG,. DF Houston TX

I smoked two packs a day for over 30 years and have tried all types of ways to quit. Your treatment was the easiest of them all and so far is working to the point that I have stopped the longest in my life. I like the way you explained the…
YH, D. Edward – Pearland TX

How did you do that? I hardly felt a thing during the treatment and now I hardly feel my pain. This is only the third treatment and it is better than it has been in four years.
GD. D.- Houston TX

Before I went to The Acupuncture Clinic I had been to almost every specialist in the world and found no relief. These specialists took thousands of dollars and would either say that they couldn’t do anything or my predicament was imaginary. My…
Jennifer – Pasendena, TX.

I have suffered from migraines for years and even though acupuncture hasn’t cured me of them, the frequency and severity of the attacks have diminished significantly.
FS. P. – Friendswood TX

I have had acupuncture before by others but no one else has provided relief in such a short time. Your style is much more gentle and you just seem to know where to treat me.
HM D,D. – League City TX

I did not think it was possible to feel this good again. I was told over and over again that I would just have to learn to live with my pain. My doctors are amazed and have been sending others to you. I am so glad I found out about you.
DER. F. – Dallas TX

This was fantastic! Thank you. Your showed me how to get well. You were honest with me and encouraged me to engage in the process of finding my health again. Thanks, thanks, thanks.
DF. H. – Austin TX

I have been a patient of Dr. Wang for years since I was in China. I have had neck and shoulder pain for years. Acupuncture controls this pain. Fifteen years ago I was told that surgery was the only alternative, but guess what, I still haven’t had…
DF. G – Webster TX

This did not hurt a bit. As a matter of fact it felt great, soothing and relaxing. I slept during the treatment and really feel much better, with less pain and easier movement. I was skeptical and worried about the treatment hurting me. I am…
D. Ray. – Houston TX.