SWEDISH MASSAGE                                                                    $60

A light pressure relaxing massage to relive tension and restore balance. A skilled

massage therapist  will ply your stubborn knots with the classic  Swedish massage


Treatment time-              60 minutes


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE                                                                $68

Bring harmony to your mind and body through deep muscle and tissue massage, helps

to reduce adhesions and some stiffness.

Treatment time-                60 minutes


SLIMMING �MASSAGE                                                                $65

Using  slimming  formulas cream combine massage techniques to reduce  and trim

your stubborn fat from  bottom, hips, thighs, tummy, stomach and arm., which

gives you firmer-looking, slimmer-feeling, and turns you into a fabulous and

energetic body.

Treatment time – 60 minutes

weekly series �of 6 treatment                                                        $360


ACCUPRESURE �MASSAGE                                                      $68

Acupressure massage (also called medical massage) with concentration on pressure

points and sore muscles resulting from workouts, injury or overuse.

Treatment time -             60 minutes

HOT STONE TREATMENT                                                        $60

Using warm basalt stones flow over your body staying in certain area just long

enough to melt away pain, experience the feeling of being nurtured by mother earth.

Treatment time – 60 minutes



Points on our hands correspond to vital areas of our bodies. Systematic movements

can induce relaxation and promote balance.

Treatment time – 30 minutes                                                            $40

Treatment time – 15 minutes                                                            $20


HALF HOUR MASSAGE                                                                 $30

Relaxation massage of the back, neck and shoulders.

Treatment time – 30 minutes

CHAIR MASSAGE                                                                              $20

You’ll sit on the massage chair, fully clothed  and  receive back neck and shoulder

stress relief massage, our therapist concentrates on the most commonly stressed


Treatment time-  20 minutes