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Daily Archives: May 11th, 2013

Auricular Anatomy

By Dr. Kenneth Wang Terms Definitions Lobule   Tragus   Supratragic Notch   Infratragic Notch   Antitragus   Antihelix   Superior Antihelix Crus   Inferior Antihelix Crus   Triangular Fossa   Scapha   Helix   Helix Crus   Cymba Conchae   Cavum Conchae   External Auditory Meatus   Helix Tragic Notch   Helix Tubercle (Darwin’s […]

The meridians and collaterals on ears

by Dr. Kenneth Wang   Bladder meridian of foot-taiyang: it starts from interior angles of two eyes and ascends to corona capitis then two branches intersect, its branch goes from corona capitis to superior angle of ear.  Small intestine meridian of hand-taiyang: it arises from supraclavicular fossa and ascends along side of neck then ascends from lower […]

Syndrome differentiation of diseases of the ear

By Dr. Kenneth Wang Differentiating otalgiaOtalgia is the commonly-seen symptom of many otic diseases. Its syndrome differentiation mainly lies in the severity of otalgia. When pathogenic wind invades externally, the pathogenic factor will accumulate and block the ear, mostly causing mild otalgia at the early stage; prolonged otalgia may result from loss of nourishment of […]

The ear: its relationships with viscera, meridians and collaterals

By Dr. Kenneth Wang Ear Meridians Physiologically, the ear controls sense of hearing and governs balance. The ancient TCM had somewhat understanding of the fact that the ear controls sense of hearing,but without direct understanding of the fact that the ear governs balance. The chapter of On the Brain in the book LingShu (Miraculous Pivot […]